Meet Preston

Born April 2, 1990, I will be 30 years old just in time to serve in the US Senate.

My 29 years and counting have had a wide variety of experiences. I have worked as a waiter, computer network technician, foreign missionary, English teacher, and fashion model.

I once dreamed being a civil engineer so I could some day build clean water Wells in Africa, but let go of that idea as I was unwilling to accept $80,000 in federal loans, so I got a much more economical degree in Information Technology from Rend Lake College in 2011.

I was raised a conservative Republican and to pay attention to what happens in the world and our government. I remember as a kid thinking “Go get em!” When George Bush first declared war on terror, but longer I watched, I could see that things were just not adding up. In 2008, I thought Ron Paul was a nut case. But the more I searched, I realized by 2012 that he was the only one who really made any sense, offered real solutions, and upheld the word of the Constitution.

As most of us know, the media all but refused to mention Ron’s name, and the Republican establishment cheated him out of any chance with a last minute rules change at their nominating convention.

I was done. I wasn’t going to waste any more time or energy in a political system where the “conservatives” lied and increased the deficit as much as the “liberals.”

By 2014, I discovered the Libertarian Party. Despite it’s flaws, I found it full of genuine activists who were equally fed up with the dishonesty duopoly, and who were determined to make a difference, despite the odds being stacked against them. At the time, the State Libertarian Party was in a legal battle, as Republicans were trying to invalidate their signatures to remove them from the general election ballot that November. I got right to work, writing press releases and telling anyone who would listen about what was happening.

I’ve been working for change ever since. I have come to disagree with their election strategy, as it’s a vicious cycle that simply isn’t working.

In 2018, I ran against Mike Bost in the Republican primary. Mike is a popular Republican, but his signature legislation is the farm bill, which includes now somewhere between $20 and 100 billion worth of taxpayer-funded subsidies for mostly large profitable farm corporations. While these are popular in this farming district, I am not here to win a popularity contest. We cannot afford them, there is no constitutional provision for them, and it is simply unwise to allow such a viral sector of the economy to depend on federal assistance.

If you want an independent voice who will stand on principle in the face of any and all adversity, then I’m probably your guy.

Beyond politics, I enjoy learning about economics, physics, linguistics, and history. I have eaten frog legs on 3 different continents, and I speak fluent Portuguese, some French, Spanish and Russian, and just a little Mandarin Chinese, too.